The final program for the ALAEQ 2018 is now available as a PDF to download.

Chemical ecology of disease vectors Álvaro Eiras, Marcelo Lorenzo
Identification and synthesis of semiochemicalsPaulo Zarbin
Modulation of odor-guided behaviorPablo Guerenstein
Molecular and neurobiological bases of chemoreceptionRomina Barrozo
Plant-animal interactionsMauricio Bento, Cristian Villagra
Semiochemicals and pest managementAndrés González
Plenary speakersLecture title
Sylvia Anton“Plasticity in pest insect olfaction”
Axel Mithöfer“Common principles in plant defense and carnivory”
Mônica Pupo“Chemical signaling in insect-microbe symbiosis”
Coby Schal“Chemical ecology in and around homes: semiochemicals used
right under our noses”
Paulo Zarbin“A journey through the chemical ecology of curculionid beetles”
Jerry Zhu“Discovery and development of semiochemicals from natural
products for integrated pest management”